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Modint Sustainable Material Guide

The Sustainable Material Guide made for buyers, product developers, designers as well as manufacturers and all other parties that would like to lower the ecological and social impact of their materials. It demystifies the process of how to make the right choices regarding quality (durability) and sustainability in the garment industry. This guide provides you with information related to commonly used textile materials, wet processes, sustainable alternatives, product development tips and certifications.

Each stage of a product’s life cycle influences our planet and its resources. Under the UN Guiding Principles for Multinational Enterprises, companies bear responsibility for preventing and reducing any adverse impact on people and the environment by their operation or business relationships in the production or supply chain. The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textiles (2016) addresses themes such as raw materials, water pollution and use of chemicals, water, energy and animal welfare. This guide is a tool for garment companies to get insights and work on concrete improvements beyond the first tier of the supply chain: processing fabrics, leather fur and down, as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Material guide

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