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Microstructure fibre

The microstructure of fibers is a term used to describe the examination of fibre features such as surface contour and cross-sectional shape that are only visible under a light microscope. Surface contour describes the surface along its length of the fibre, and property is significant regarding issues such as fibre friction, especially when it comes to comfort when worn next to the skin. The description of cross-section shape is critical for many reasons as it influences bending stiffness and torsion stiffness of the fibre which can be crucial for garment biomechanical performance and function. Because the cross-section shape is a description of horizontally cut fiber section, for example, every natural fibre has a special characteristic when it comes to shaping and can be described such as triangular, dog-bone, flat, round, etc. It’s the fibre shape that decides, to illustrate, the grade of fibre resistance to bending as a round shape is harder than a flat and so on. See also morphology Eco fashion dictionary.


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