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Metadata a term used to describe data and data products, allowing users to find, understand, process, and reuse data and data products. Although metadata can require increased storage capacities, they are essential for establishing confidence in the data products by providing information about the history, or lineage, of the data. Metadata is essential tool measuring the environmental situation, such as ancient global warming, tipping point analysis, and biocapacity Metadata in government data centres should include the following types of information.

Metadata information

  • How information is stored data formats within files
  • When, how and where raw data were collected
  • Transformation of Raw Data included calibration methods of raw data and new formats
  • Validation, cleaned, error tested and processed
  • Distribution statistics – efficient database tool
  • Storage of database and access to data
  • Description of user information of data frequently use of dataset or subset used
  • Designed (who is the target user) specifically nontechnical users or interdisciplinary scientists

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