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Meditation is a contemplative state of mind that has a different but sometimes closely related role in religions. Nevertheless, today meditation is more widely linked to sort out personal issues and becoming focused at different levels. Today in the modern world meditation is proven beneficial by sports athletes to visualize their goals and how to achieve success in their performances. Meditation can be done in various ways nevertheless Buddha described only two different meditation practices. The main aim of Buddhist Meditation is to purify the mind of all negative tendencies—such as greed; anger and delusion, through mind control and secondly gain insight. Basically, there are only two forms of meditation according to Buddha: Shamata and Vipassana. Shamata in Tibetan shi-né , shi means peace or peaceful and né means rest or stay peaceful, mostly known as mindfulness. These two words give the idea on how to perform this particular form of meditation.

The second form of meditation is Vipassana (Sanskrit, means to understand deeply) or the meditation of profound vision. Vipassana can only be done when some sort of stability is achieved throughout Shamata meditation. Vipassana makes it possible to access deeper inside the subtle mind, approaching wisdom by getting insight into the true nature of things. Meditation on the antidote or on pacifying negative emotions can be performed in several ways, in fact, Buddha taught 84.000 different ways, however, the most known techniques are:

  1. Breathe
  2. Mantra
  3. Object

So, in theistic religions, there is a common practice of persons contemplating scripture or icons or a holy teaching in the course of the practitioner opening her mind to the presence of God. In Buddhism, meditation often takes a different course in which the goal of meditation may be to see through the diaphanous, spurious nature of ego-driven desire and to see the unreality of the ostensible substantial self and some methods are described both as extremely powerful, yet dangerous for individuals to practice and should not be done without years of preparation with skilful masters and training to avoid falling into ego driven desire instead of the opposite.



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