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Manifesto (comes from Latin Manu Festus means struck by the hand) is a term used to describe a declaration in public. Historically, Manifesto is commonly political, philosophical, religious or literary, principles and beliefs. For example, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels “The Communist Manifesto” (1848) is a typical political manifesto. A central political document of the French Revolution is v Declaration of the rights of man and citizen (1793) and not least the US Declaration of Independence (1776). In arts, films and literal manifestos of cultural and gender importance such as the papers Cyborg Manifesto (1985) by Donna Haraway notions on feminism. Marcel Duchamp an artist and leading figure of Dadaism, however, The Dada Manifesto was written by Hugo Ball in 1916, of which he articulates contradictory Dada becoming an artistic movement.

The Fashion revolution

However, lately, Manifestos are written mostly against the commercial world such as corporations, advertising industry and capitalism endless greed “for more “, causes human misery, exploitation and the ecological crisis. For example, Adbuster Journal Of the mental environment presented and conceptualised actions such as Buy Nothing Day and redrafted the document First thing First manifesto from 1964 to first thing first manifesto 2000. The manifesto is a critic and encourages designers to think about why they do what they do, as many design information and help clients to sell stuff, and the contradiction is perhaps the graphic design is less the solution and more the problem, and the manifesto signed by 33 leading designers and launched worldwide. The fashion revolution is design activism for a better and more ethical fashion, and textile industry with concepts such as “Who made my clothes”. The Fashion Revolution Manifesto is a document written in 2018.

Read We are Fashion Revolution, and this is Our Manifesto can be signed and downloaded on their website Fashion Revolution 

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