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Lyocell is the generic name to the cellulose fibre developed by Courtaulds and marketed by them under the Tencel brand name. The Tencel production process based on a solvent spinning process and represents the most significant accomplishment in cellulose fibre technology. The unique closed-loop production process makes fibre eco-friendly and economical.

Lyocell has numerous advantages over rayon and modal in its properties as well as its manufacturing process. One of the majors “claims to fame” of lyocell is its ability to absorb excess liquid (perspiration) – at a rate of fifty per cent more than cotton – and quickly release it into the atmosphere. In doing so, lyocell supports the natural ability of the skin to act as a protective shell to regulate body temperature and maintain water balance. At the same time, Lyocell’s moisture management does not give bacteria a chance to grow. The Moisture is directly absorbed from the skin and transported to the inside of the fibre.

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