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The loom is the weaving machine. Most famous loom manufacturers are Sulzer Ruti from Switzerland, Picanol from Belgium, Dornier from France, Tsudakoma /Toyoda from Japan and Vamatex from Italy. The word loom (from Middle English lome, “tool”) applied to any set of devices permitting a warp to be tensioned and a shed formed. The warp shed built with the aid of heddles where one heddle provides for each end of warp thread. By pulling one end of the heddle or the other, the warp end deflects on one side or the other of the main sheet of purposes. The frame holding the heddles is called a harness. Today there are three kinds of looms: dummy shuttle loom, rapier loom, and fluid jet loom.

The types of looms

  1. Dummy shuttle loom
  2. Rapier loom
  3. Fluid Jet loom

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