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Information Overload

Information overload is a term used to describe an overflow of information through many different media. Such as digital, radio, TV, Video, newspaper, books and magazine. The total amount of information is not possible to consume, and we feel we miss out. It creates a false stress level on individuals as well as industries managing finding the right info. People seem to believe Big Data should make it easier and taking decisions less risky. However, this is not the truth because of all the variables makes the outcome less predictable.


Regarding ecological, environmentally problems and sustainability questions the information is immensely vast due to its complexity and across all fields of science of Earth to economics, politics, psychology, sociology, cultural differences and so on. Also, because there are different opinions and a lot of money at stake, some manipulate information to gain profit and leave out the responsibility. Therefore, the dilemma of a dictionary such as Eco Fashion Encyclopedia should it be narrow and only includes textile issues, or should it be comprehensive and less specific?

System complexity

I concluded that it is better to include a more comprehensive selection of terminology because understanding the ecological problems one need to think in terms of a complex system and decisions after that. Many of today’s problems caused by global corporations are because they base their solutions on data that is not including the whole system thinking and therefore creates directly or indirectly issues elsewhere. Thus, instead as much as possible the dictionary consists of links to posts written on a more specific textile or fashion regarded issues, for example, the series of post on Nanotechnology in the textile industries or the series on how to make fashion more sustainable.

Define of information overload defines information overload as following: The stress induced by the reception of more information than is necessary to make a decision (or that can be understood and digested in the time available) and by attempts to deal with it with out-dated time management practices. Besides the standard definition of too much information for one person to absorb, PC Magazine has another definition that information overload includes the excessively intricate and often indecipherable manuals that must be read to operate everything from a handheld device to a software application.

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