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Indigo dying industrial

Synthetic indigo is a substance created from benzene derivatives from petroleum a fossil fuel that most of us realise is not in limitless supply. The benzene has to be treated chemicals, including hydrogen cyanide, to make it into an indigo dye. “It’s a multi-step resource process, which is demanding on the environment and creates huge issues with waste.


Indigo does not naturally adhere to fabric; the further processing must, therefore, add another chemical hydrosulphite to transform it into a dye. “These chemicals are particularly bad for the environment, “Wastewater containing these chemicals can affect ecosystems and can cause several harming results. The water amount it takes to make jeans is very high as the indigo colour must be added layer by layer in different baths to obtain the indigo colour. The darker the jeans are, the more it demands of indigo baths.

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