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Iconography is assorted geometric shapes, animals, and human graphic images are woven in a representational, abstract, or stylized fashion. The precise meaning of many of these designs to the weavers may never be known, as they are a part of the collective consciousness or mythical history and not actually discussed. Clothing is a memory. However, historically central to the iconography are gestures with the specific meaning, particularly of Indian religion, other include rituals like symbols found in Christian and Islamic religion and culture.  Furthermore, letters and numbers were often used in Indian religions so people easier could memorize Dharma (Buddhist holy books central to Buddha’s teachings) such as Three Jewels, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Noble Path in Buddhism and alphabetic letters.  Iconography is a central part of today’s pop culture. A visual language developed with hidden codes, rites, signals of belonging or warning (such as jackets or vest with symbols of motorcycle gangs as Hells  Angels or Banditos). Modern iconography is made to create myths their iconography mixes repeatedly classic symbols from ancient cultures with modern symbols, icons, and well-known logos.



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