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Hard fibres

Hard fibre is a term used to describe a group of fibres made from leaf and fruit monocotyledonous plants (vegetable fibres) obtained from the supporting tissue of large leaves from tropical, sub-tropical plants. The hard fibres are coarser, stiffer and much longer (i.e. 110-250mm as technical and only between 1.5 -4.4 mm as regular fibres) than, for example, the Bast fibre group (also known as soft fibres). Hard fibres are manufactured by treating the leaves in machines, which scrape the pulpy material from the fibres, followed by washing and drying; retting is not needed. Examples of hard fibre: Manila’s fibre, Abaca, Sisal, Henequen, Esparto, Alfa grass and flax fibre from New Zealand. Hard fibres are used mainly for cordage, mats and rug

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