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Habitat is the environment in which natural or human species live. And the defined area in the where organism exists, such as water lilies can only be found in aqueous conditions or reindeer on tundra and mountains. And habitat can cover a large or small area; in this environment, it must be food, shelter, water, and space. Habitat can consist of a single individual living alone on an island, such as the fictional character Robinson Crusoe (novel by Daniel Defoe) or many species within an area.

Biome and biodiversity

Scientists usually use the term habitat in a general sense, (ecology of an area where species exist); however, bio is a term that refers to a habitat shared by many species. A biome includes all of flora and fauna within a certain geographic area. In the environment must remain relatively stable, the existing biodiversity of organisms and species to be maintained; otherwise, habitat cause disruption in the balance (ecobalance). See Ecocide, carrying capacity and hotspots (biodiversity)

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