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Green Tribology

Green tribology is a brand new area of technology science, related to tribology, however, crossover with green engineering, chemistry, and Nanotechnology. Tribology or “tribo” (Greek word ) meaning “to rub” is defined as a branch of science and technology concerned with interacting surfaces in relative motion and with associated matters (as friction, wear, and lubrication by the Oxford English Dictionary. The term tribology was officially introduced in 1966 after a published report said that vast sums of money had been lost due to consequences of friction, wear, and corrosion. Therefore, it was strongly recommended to unite multidisciplinary scientific and engineering efforts in these areas, so that they could benefit from one another.

The areas of typical tribology cover, friction, wear, lubrication, and adhesion and involve the efforts of mechanical engineers, material scientists, chemists, and physicists. Since 1961, various other new scientific disciplines include, for example, Nanotribology and Bio-tribology.

Areas of Green Tribology

The following three areas that have the greatest impact on environmental Issues and importance for green tribology:

  • Biomimetic and self-lubricating materials/surfaces
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly lubricants, coatings, and materials
  • Tribology of renewable and sustainable sources of energy

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