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Green packaging

Green packaging amounted for 33 per cent of solid waste measured by weight in the United States. Make wrapping the most significant form of domestic garbage. In marketing, the packaging is one of the four tools, also named the Ps (product, price, promotion, and place). People value products not by content but for wrapping. In particular, expensive consumer goods as perfume and healthcare product packaging have been maybe the most crucial element in the branding of a product. It gives products to a higher degree feel, more luxurious and appeals better. However, today as the market is so full of consumer products, there is not enough room in landfills or incinerators for all the excess packaging the industry produces. We experienced living in a dump, as obsoletion of products go fast, shorten the lifecycle.

The limited stocks of resources

Today as raw material prices rise, transportation of goods become more expensive and a more environmentally aware consumer this seems to change a lot regarding future packaging. For strictly economic reasons, most packages are becoming lighter. Aluminium cans, for instance, are 45 per cent lighter today than before. Shrinkwrap film and a plastic base are increasingly taking the place of corrugated boxes. Fast food restaurants in the United States have stopped using polystyrene boxes to package their food, turning instead to paper wraps. Packaging innovation seldom an improved solution. It is not possible to beat nature, and it can improve the human footprint; for example, the giant company Procter & Gamble is no longer printing on packages using metal-based inks. It does not make it sustainable. See planned product obsolescence, the recovery rate

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