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Globalisation is a term used to describe a set of social processes or interactions worldwide, defined by various commentators in different and often contradictory ways. It’s simply a description of how capitalism by nature outgrows and expand globally. Capitalism demands increasingly more natural resources and leaves nothing behind. A vast, uncontrollable beast using corporations as shields, such structure needs growth to function. Since capitalism in un-controllable, the creation of institutions that are not entirely understandable as decomposable into functions of purely international, i.e., multi-nation-state phenomena. Such global and not only international institutions might include the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and multinational corporations etc.

Globalisation issues

  • Environment
  • Monopoly power
  • Capitalism
  • Culture
  • Free Trade
  • Technology
  • Internet
  • shrinking world
  • Terrorism
  • accountability
  • integration of economics
  • Equality / Inequality
  • communication
  • recognition
  • trade vs aid
  • outsourcing
  • corporations
  • exploitation
  • economic growth
  • poverty

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