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Garneting (textile waste)

Garneting (textile waste) is a process of recovering the fibres from hard twisted waste, rags and chippings. The materials and return it a fluffy fibrous condition, reused in blends. The process of garneting is the use of the machine, listed

Textile Waste

  1. Used sweater to be sorted
  2. Cutting out the labels
  3. Bags of labels made into shoddy
  4. Bale of sweater arrange
  5. Loading to chopper
  6. The first stage of chopping/ garneting
  7. Each stage of garnering uses finer-toothed mesh
  8. Fibrous stage
  9. Removing the button
  10. 10.Web of fibre
  11. Spinning the yarn
  12. Preparing yarn for weaving
  13. Bolts of yarn
  14. Weaving
  15. Finishing the blankets
  16. Finished blankets

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