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Fracking (hydraulic fracturing)

Hydraulic fracturing of rock deep beneath the surface to release petroleum product has become a contentious subject across the globe. This practice is not to be mixed up with drilling or extraction. Fracking is the process of using fluid power to fracture rock to release gas and less conventional crude oil. It technically is not drilling, however, must be done to make and establish a well to pump water or fluid that makes the rock release product.

The danger of groundwater pollution

In a few countries, the practice of hydraulic fracturing banned because of the concerns for air and groundwater pollution. To use water to do work is not brand new, conversely, pumping fluid below ground to fracture rock to release gaseous petroleum is new. The discussion, reaction from the public and media on technics various around the world. And there is not a balanced view. Nevertheless, it is time to stop the hunt for energy based on non-renewable resources and instead explore alternative energy and simultaneously reduce (reuse-recycle) needs. see Hydrocarbon, Emissions

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