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Endangered forest

Endangered forests are the most valuable forests on the globe, forests that would be irreparably harmed by industrial resource extraction. In practical terms, this means these forests are “no go” and “no buy” forests. These forests comprise a large proportion of the world’s remaining old-growth, primary and ancient forests in tropical, temperate and boreal zones.

For example, Amazon rainforest is not renewable; the ecological layers and immense biodiversity takes millions of years to recreate. Did you know that 25 per cent of all drugs prescribed globally comes from directly from plant research in the Amazon rainforest, only 1 per cent of tropical plants scientifically researched? The vast biodiversity of more than 5 million species found in Amazon rainforest (approximately 50 per cent of Earth) and nearly 50.000 species of plants and animals are lost every year due to Deforestation.

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