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Ecohydrology is an almost new part of science (the 1990s) the name that comes from the three words eco, hydro and logy, all derived from Greek, Oikos (eco) means house, hudôr (hydro) means water and logos (logy) means science. Therefore, eco-hydro-logy is the science of water and ecology. Even a few precise definitions exist.

One can describe ecohydrology as the following:

Ecohydrology is a term explain used to describe a scientific way of managing the water cycle to achieve the sustainable use of water by societies. It´s a rather new science that seeks to understand how hydrological processes integrate with other ecological zones. Such as the discharge of reservoirs, river, wetlands and lakes influence over the population and the interactions between them. The critical element of the twenty-first-century sciences that Ecohydrology provides (according to The International Council for Science ICSU, 2005) is in line with the overall view of importance.

  • Integrative
  • Problem-solving
  • Interdisciplinary

One does not need to look longer than into poetry or art to understand the effect of water for a part of the landscape and daily life enriched our lives and well-being. When as much as Eighty-three per cent of the land surface of the planet been modified. By engineering activities of human beings, (most of these changes done without any thoughts upon the results effect on nature), however, most of all, how human life is affected. Therefore, to understand and learn from waterworks in cycles and biota affect hydrology such as science seems valuable. See Hydrological cycle and Evapotranspiration in the Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia.

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