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Dyes low impact

Dyes Low Impact – dyes that are more environmentally friendly than conventional dyes because they contain no metals, low salt, AZO and oxazines compound free. Named Low Impact because it uses less water to disperse the dye; less use and wastewater is carefully filtered to remove as many of the dye particles as possible. Low impact dyes require significantly less water for the dying process so much less polluted runoff than from the conventional dye process. Organic cotton and most other fabrics successfully coloured with all-natural or fibre-reactive low impact dyes.

They are the highest quality, most ecologically friendly dyes available, producing colours that are both richer and brighter than conventional dyeing practices. These dyes reduce water and electricity consumption and discharge 60 per cent less toxic runoff into the waste stream. They promote healthy ecosystems by using fewer resources and less energy while providentially allowing greater adherence of the dye to the garment.

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