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Double ring-spun (ring/ring denim)

Double ring-spun denim uses ring-spun yarn for both warp and weft. It is the traditional way to produce denim. It’s possible to combine a ring-spun warp fabric with an Open-End weft, to get much of the strength and look of the traditional ring/ring denim at a lower cost.

Single Ring-Spun Vs. Double Ring Spun

What’s the difference between Single Ring Spun Denim and Double Ring Spun Denim? Denim’s weave has yarn running both lengthwise and widths. Most Ring Spun Denim woven with Ring Spun yarns running lengthwise. Open End yarns running widths called a Single Ring Spun Denim. A double Ring Spun Denim made with pure ring-spun yarns woven into the length and the width of the weave. Cheyenne fabric boasts Double Ring Spun qualities.

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