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The Corporation is a term used on a group of people joined in a common purpose to hold property, make contracts, and share profits according to the terms of a formal agreement or contract (charter) recognized by the state.The  Corporation is capitalism instrument for money-making; golden rule is to minimize cost in all levels of production, transportation, and maximize profits in sales by advertising and myth-making. It’s a fantastic tool for progress, innovation, and economic growth, nevertheless, destroying far more than it creates because it also creates greed, by far kills more people on the planet than any war and hunger altogether.

In 1990 there were less than 32000 multinational corporations, however, because of globalization the numbers have more than double in less than 30 years. Today there are more than 64000 multinational corporations.  Corporations have become far more powerful than most nations, NGO’s, environmental and international organizations, more than 50% of the largest 100 economies today are corporations, they move people, revenue-stream and adapt to local cultures and laws like chameleons beyond any one government’s control,

Regardless of nationality, borders or local laws most of these corporations use layers, PR companies, advertising, lobbying on members of Congress  finding ways to manipulate the systems only to benefit economically for their shareholders and owners. They do not care about local culture, people, contractors or the ecological footprint they leave behind. As soon as the cost of production becomes slightly higher they move their business elsewhere. Short term corporate behavior is a major problem the last two decades and increasing.


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