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Compression garments

Compression garments are the term used to describe a type of garments that helps the body or parts of the body to maintain good blood circulation while giving support to improve and accelerate healing, promote improvements in blood flow. Furthermore, reduce the risk of soreness and injury from strenuous exercise. Particularly the last part is important for athletes that strive with weakness from previous injuries to stabilize and help to provide necessary compression to build up muscles and bone structure while still be able to train and even compete without risk of worsening injuries. Maintaining good blood circulation in the body plays a major role in maintaining good health as the means by which oxygen and nutrients are carried around the body. Compression garments have large user groups (bot only athletes) in hospitals, training facilities etc.

People while recovering from injuries since they can accelerate healing. In addition, it helps reduce the risk of soreness and injury from strenuous exercise while training. Additionally, reinforced taping, outlining and supporting muscle groups, contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the garment. Variable stretch engineered knitted textiles may offer targeted support in maintaining muscle alignment and a reduction in the loss of energy in athletic performance.

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