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Compassion comes from classical Indian languages Pali (Mettā) and Sanskrit (maitrī). It describes “feeling with,” A compassionate person is one who empathises with those believed harmed and who disposed to go to aid for them. In Buddhism, meditation practice compassion is central and known as loving-kindness meditation. Empathy is the very essence of spiritual life, and the primary practise of those who have devoted their lives to attaining enlightenment. It is the root of the Three Jewels in Buddhism; take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

Environmental compassion

In environmentalism compassion and ecological issues is closely related within the frameworks of system thinking and Earth system complexity, everything interconnected. Human actions make impacts in three different ways; positive, negative or neutral. Buddhism called Karma. An action creates, therefore, unpredictable effects, these can happen now or in the future, here or other places.

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