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Collecting is a term used on a type of consumer activity and form of behaviour that demonstrates selective defiance to product obsolescence through the accumulation of specific types of good. Often a formalized, structured movement, it can be an involving and passionate mode of consumption. The motivation behind collecting is miscellaneous. 


  • Person interest
  • Selected investment economic
  • Rareness
  • Emotional attachments (deeper)
  • Belonging to a tribe or society
  • Memories
  • Work-related (past, present)
  • Learning

In its most formalized expression, the collector will seek out pieces to complement or complete a collection. The accumulation of artwork can be a highly structured activity in which the collection may be catalogued, archived or displayed. It also might be of skills and learning process. See Throwaway society and planned product obsolescence


  • Longer lasting products edited by Tim Cooper. Alternatives to the Throwaway Society. Published 2010 by Gower Publishing Limited

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