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Collaborative consumption Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia

Collaborative consumption

Collaborative consumption is a new economic model; collaborative consumption describes the shift in consumer values from ownership to access. Together, cities and entire communities around the world are using network technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a grander scale. Collaborative consumption is transforming business, consumerism. The mission is to improve life and sustainable qualities. Examples of collaborative use, clothes swapping, share transportation, shared workspace.

Three systems

  • Product services
    • Allow members to share multiple products that are owned by companies private, examples, Zipcar, Swapcom, City-bikes Oslo. From individual owned objects – to shared owned or rented products

  • Collaborative lifestyles
    • Same groups of interest such as fashion people swapping clothes and active people share sporting equipment

  • Redistribution markets

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