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Clothes Swapping

Clothing Swapping

Clothing swapping is a way of reducing what is ending as landfill; it promoted reuse and recycling of clothing. However, most of all, make it easier for people to accept second-hand clothing (a Consignment shop) as an excellent alternative to a new dress. When reusing clothing already made and recycling clothing from one owner to another, source reduction achieved. It moves away from the usage of new raw materials to make more clothing available for consumption.

For the consumer clothing, swapping saves time, money and the chaos of sometimes scan the stores. Furthermore, it eliminates transportation and emissions, promotes the use of sustainable on-line shopping and the Internet as well as an increase of social bonds through on-line communication or effective personal communication in “clothing swap parties.” Examples of swapping clothing on the Internet are: Rehash, Swapstyle and Dig N’ Swap.

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