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Ceramic fibres

Ceramics are the latest in a series of new materials earmarked for use as fibres. Many of them are oxides, with similar drawbacks as properties and drawbacks as glass fibre, carbon fibre, and basalt fibres; usually have a very high melting temperature, which increases the difficulty of manufacture and hence the ecological impact. All these new fibres are ecologically very damaging in comparison with the more traditional ones. However, production is deemed to be necessary because of their highly unusual properties, such as heat resistance.

Demand for such fibres comes from the space industry or the military that could not be met in any other way. However, it seems that the environment is being sacrificed to meet a need that would not be regarded in many quarters as strictly essential. Ceramic fibres belong to a group of fibres called inorganic fibres together with glass fibre, basalt fibre, asbestos fibres and carbon fibre.

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