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S-Twist Yarn

S-Twist Yarn is a left-handed twisted yarn. See Z-Twist.


Satin and Sateen

Satin and Sateen is a fabric weaves where one yarn floats over a series of threads before it interlaced once. When the warp floats over a series of picks (at least four) the fabric called satin, when the filling floats over a series of ends, the material called Sateen; it weaves to make fabric surfaces shiny and very smooth.

Shape-memory material

Shape-memory material is a term used to describe a type of materials/fabrics that return to a specific shape, after being exposed to particular temperatures. This process of changing can be repeated several times and therefore are materials capable of remembering their original form. It regarded as intelligent textiles.


Silicone is a term used to describe silicon-containing polymer materials which have found extensive use in the industry because of their excellent stability. They are available as fluids, sealant-adhesives, moldable resins, and rubbers – First silicone oil made in the 1870s, its insensitivity to both high.