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Upcycling material

Upcycling material is a term used to describes the re-appropriation of fabric that has already had one life for one purpose, and reworking, reassigning or reinventing it

Underground homes

Underground homes are a term used to describe a house built into the ground or slope of a hill, or which has most or all exterior surfaces covered with earth. Because its earth insulation serves as a thermal mass, it retains warmth in winter and remains cool in summer.


Uniformitarianism is aa term used to describe the principle that geological events explained by processes observable today (the present is the key to the past). It assumes these processes have not changed during geological time.

UV protective textiles

UV protective textiles developed by Schoeller Textiles is said to reduce the heating up of textiles exposed to sunlight and offer protection against UV rays.

Unit production system (UPS)

As a mechanical system this has been in use for many years, but a major advance was made in 1983 when computers were first used to plan, control and direct the flow of work through the system. Read more…