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Syndemic s is a term used to describe the cogency beyond interactive biology of social structure, conditions and relations in the development of disease concentrations.


Symbiosis is a term used to describe the intimate living together of members of two species. It includes mutualism, commensalism, and, in some classifications, parasitism.

Supreme court

Supreme court is the highest level of the appeals court that reviews and reconciles conflicting decisions of lower appeals courts within its jurisdiction

Stochastic process

A Stochastic or random process is a term used in probability theory and is the opposite of a deterministic process. Deterministic events and procedures do not exist.


Socialism is a term used in a political and economic system, which the people control both the government and significant elements of the economy, such as owning (or tightly regulating) factories.

Sustainability Gap

Sustainability Gap is a measure of the decrease in consumption (or the increase in material and economic efficiency) required to eliminate the ecological deficit. Read more.