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The Reagent is a substance that, because of the chemical reactions causes, used in analysis and synthesis.


Recyclability symbols

Recyclability symbols, Probably the most familiar symbol that denotes if an item can be recycled is the Mobius loop. The logo intended only on goods that are capable of being recycled if a facility exists, but it has no precise meaning and is often misused.


Refashioned is a terminology used to describe a novel use of upcycled materials and crafting deadstock (materials not wanted or usable) of the high-speed society and transforming, stitched, patched into unique hand-made clothes.

Reinforcement fabrics

Reinforcement fabrics is a term to describe a system that used fibre to stabilise soil mass in the construction of steep slopes and retaining wall. It reduces stress on the retaining wall furthermore, decreases simultaneously load-bearing requirements for the design.