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Potential energy

Potential energy is a term used to describe the power of state or position or stored. Or conserved in various ways such as in chemical bonds


The pesticide is a term used to describe the human-made chemical used in agriculture to management control of the pest. The suffix “-cide” literally means “kill”, therefore, pesticide refers to a chemical substance that kills pests, insects, microbes and pathogens. And weeds has been developed; pesticides not replaced.

Paradigm-shift (fashion)

The paradigm-shift (fashion) is a term used in the Fashion revolution, and it includes parameters that are the opposite of fast way, sales and throwaway culture.

Pattern staining 

Pattern staining is a term used to describe patterns on surfaces textiles caused by deposits of dust, the amount that varies according to the relative thermal conductivity of different paths of the structural background.


The parasite is an organism that lives on and feeds off another organism, called the host, often until it destroys the host.

Plastics recycling

Plastics recycling is a term used to describe an embracing system by which plastics materials that would otherwise immediately become solid wastes are collected, separated, or otherwise processed and returned to the economic mainstream in the form of useful raw materials or products.