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Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

Organic recycling

Organic recycling is the reprocessing of waste materials back into secondary raw materials or products through biological processes such as composting or anaerobic


Oxidation when oxygen and another substance chemically join; it occurs when the indigo yarn comes out of the indigo bath between dips and is critical for the dyestuff to penetrate the fibre.

Other fibres

Other fibre is a term of the composition label of fabrics containing recycled materials. Many of the textiles produced in the Italian area of Prato are made using yarns spun from blends of recycled wool and, of course, other fibres.

Optical brightness or Optical Whiteners

Optical brightness or Optical Whiteners are chemicals make fabrics seem to show lighter than they do, to make them brighter they convert ultraviolet light to visible light in the blue region. They are sometimes used in the manufacture of fabrics and included in the formula of many detergents sold for home use.