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Biocentric preservation

Biocentric preservation is a term used to describe the philosophy that emphasizes the fundamental right of living organisms to exist and to pursue their own goods.


Symbiosis is a term used to describe the intimate living together of members of two species. It includes mutualism, commensalism, and, in some classifications, parasitism.

Supreme court

Supreme court is the highest level of the appeals court that reviews and reconciles conflicting decisions of lower appeals courts within its jurisdiction

Digital Divide

The digital divide is a term describing the gap between people who do have and those who do not have access to digital technology


Ready-to-wear Ready-to-wear is a term used to describe clothing manufactured in standard sizes and sold to customers without custom alterations. The later nineteenth century witnessed both the mass-production of ready-to-wear clothing and the development of haute...


Desertification is a term used to describe the denuding and degrading of once fertile land. It is Initiating a desert-producing cycle that feeds on itself

Totalitarian state

Totalitarian state is a term used to describe a new kind of government in the 20th century that exercised massive, direct control over virtually all the activities of its subjects

Energy measuring 

Energy measuring is a term used to describe the light and radio waves, X-rays, and other forms of energy that transmitted through space as electromagnetic waves