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Potential energy

Potential energy is a term used to describe the power of state or position or stored. Or conserved in various ways such as in chemical bonds

Zero population growth (ZPG)

Zero population growth (ZPG) is a term used to describe a condition in which births and immigration in a population just balance deaths and emigration.

Habitat fragmentation

Habitat fragmentation Habitat fragmentation is a term used to describe a threat to biodiversity originated by humans that occurs when large areas of intact natural habitat are subdivided by their activities.   ECO-FASHION ENCYCLOPEDIA Refashioned and Vintage...


Syndemic s is a term used to describe the cogency beyond interactive biology of social structure, conditions and relations in the development of disease concentrations.

Feminist movement

Feminist movement is a term used to describe the sought after various legal and economic gains for women, including equal access to professions and higher education;

Climate mitigation

Climate mitigation is a term used to describe the efforts by governments and organisations to prevent, and reduce the risks from, climate change and its consequences by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Circular knitting

ircular knitting a term used to describe a tubular fabric used in the manufacturing of t-shirts. Mostly knitted on a circular machine appear in the tubular structure