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Fringe is a part of a garment first known used by Native American tribes and functioned drain rainwater off the clothing most often leather outerwear. Edge or boarder of hanging threads, rope, cords or leather.


Devoré is a term used on a fabric containing two or more fibres types is printed with a substance that burns out or destroys one or more of the fibres. The result is usually a partly sheer fabric.


The pesticide is a term used to describe the human-made chemical used in agriculture to management control of the pest. The suffix “-cide” literally means “kill”, therefore, pesticide refers to a chemical substance that kills pests, insects, microbes and pathogens. And weeds has been developed; pesticides not replaced.

Mill overrun

Mill overrun is a term used to describe the materials made for first quality but not used, e.g. overproduction.

Light reflectance

Light reflectance is a term used to describe the fraction of the total luminous flux incident upon a surface reflects, generally a function of the colour (wavelength) of the light.


Pointillism (from French) is a term used to describe a special system of late impressionist painting developed by Georges Surant (1859–1991) and Paul Signac (1863–1935).