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The biosphere is the term used to describe all of Earth’s living organism, and organic matter not yet decomposed. Earth is the only planet, we know that have an existence of biosphere, we have yet to find another planet’s that host life. Earth system is unique because of its chemical composition, our atmosphere, for example, is 79 per cent nitrogen and 21 oxygen (and small amounts of carbon dioxide) and is a result of life’s processes over billions of years.

Create a life

Photosynthesis of plants, algae have taken out the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and added and oxygen. The release of oxygen into the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis creates life and is a result of at least 3 billion years of work. Compared to the Atmosphere on a lifeless planet such as Mars and Venus contain mostly of carbon dioxide (95 per cent) and smaller amounts of nitrogen (4 per cent).

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