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Biomimetic materials design

Biomimetic materials design is a term used to describe a method in a design mimicking nature through a multidisciplinary approach, involving either the conception and realization of new materials using biological tissues. This approach resulting in a lower resource depletion for the Earth with high environmental friendliness and lifecycle. By tailoring materials for functions, as successfully addressed during evolution. Bioinspiration in materials by mimicking nature’s structure can mean different things in various ways, from replica the geometrical of natural objects to copying its function, even providing a bottom-up self-organization of fabric or materials. Such approaches are designed in nature through self-organization to archive exact function. Natural structures can be obtained at super-molecular, molecular and sub-molecular level. Taking it further in a more complex and vertical way, it is also imaginable to envisage that the material acquires higher levels of subsequent function and smartness as far as it proceeds from the engineered material, perceived as a continuum, towards the biological material. See also Biomimicry and Bioinspiration.


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