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Anti-consumption is a term used with a view that asserts that environmental degradation is a result of our overly materialistic lifestyle. Humanity is simply consuming too much and overwhelming nature’s capacity to provide resources and assimilate wastes. We also desire countless things, and our cravings have, besides a few limits. We have built an economy and a society based on consumerism.

Consumerism is also quite young phenomena started for real after the second world war. During the 1950s, young people started earning their own money without needing to give their income to help their parents. The family economic, unexpectedly juvenile people had money. However, hardly anything to use it for, suddenly companies started to fill this gap with products reflecting the taste of the younger generation. During the 1950s, many new industries created as a result that teenagers got their own money. There is a fairly famous equation within environmental circles that speaks for the Anti-consumption view.

The equation on consumption

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