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Anthropocentrism is a term used to describe our human-centrism” or “speciesism,” not unlike “racism,” “ageism,” or “sexism”; it is contrasted to “egocentrism” or “biocentrism.” The practise of treating the human species as if it were the centre of all values and the measure of all things.

  •  Anthropocentrism primary(ego inner-circle)
    • human beings
    • state of being human
    • personhood
  • Higher animals Secondary 
    • pathocentrism
    • ability to suffer
  • Biocentrism
    • all living beings
    • state of being alive
  • Holism
    • animate
    • inanimate
    • supra-organismic wholes
    • existence

See deep ecology Strong sustainability and weak sustainability.

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