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Altruism is a term used to describe doing for the other as an act of good or for the sake of, whatever the reason for such action is performed is a philosophical question. From the Latin alter, meaning“ the other” so doing for others describe, nevertheless, some philosophers have argued that all motives are, at the base, self-interested, even acts of altruism. Do people aid others only when it gives them the personal satisfaction?

One reply is that a person would not receive satisfaction from acting altruistically unless she believed that seeking the good of others was good in itself and not merely good because it made her feel satisfied or happy. Buddhism clearly on the other hand describe such an performed action of compassion or feel for others in meditation should be performed without any thoughts in a positive or negative way, because our ego is a concept an not real is an illusion that tricks us into believing our ego is in the centre, if we let the ego take control soon we are trapped in the concept constructions of feelings such as fear, anger, greed, hate and so on. When we let the ego go we understand that all actions are interconnected and that these are a part of a universal consciousness


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