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Alter-globalization is a term used to describe “alternative globalization,” the word is from the French “altermondialisme”. Alter-globalization is a global justice movement; it refers to various social movements that seek global corporation and interaction to fight back the negative political, social, economic and ecological effect of the contemporary neoliberal globalization or late stage of the capitalism.


Globalisation has created many vital social improvements, yet simultaneously at a very high cost environmentally. The globalization, free trade, economic perspective and tremendous growth of global corporation have caused vast human and environmental problems. Globalization is in direct conflict with sustainable development goal such as poverty reduction and lessens the gap between rich and poor.

Furthermore, escalated many civil and international conflicts caused global warming and disorder on Earths fragile balance. Alter-globalisation is, therefore, a very important movement preventing corruption and misuse of governmental power. These organizations use the different set of tools to fight back, not only political but also civil obedience, demos, boycotts and passive resistance. See also Eco-terrorism

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