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AirDye (Air dye)

AirDye is a brand new revolutionary technology that manages the application of colour to textiles without the use of water, developed and patented by the Californian-based company Colorep. The company works with sustainable technology and has developed several other designs colour to dye products for the textile industry under the AirDye umbrella ( “Dye Squared,” “Dye Contrast,” “Print2Dye” and “Print2Print”).

Traditional textile dyeing is a water demanding process and can require from a few to a hundred litres of water for each kilogram of clothing, depending on different factors such as the type of dye and wanted design results. The water help dyes penetrate fibres, AirDye does the same, however, replace the water with air as a solution. In addition, there is no need for post-treatment or finishing and the technology invites to several new designs features including the ability to contrast.

The only downside Air Dyes so far. The technology works purely on synthetic materials. Therefore, fibres such as cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo and garments with a high volume such as jeans and t-shirts cannot use benefit yet. In addition to the present (June 2014) AirDye is only available in the United States.


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