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Ageing (textiles)

Ageing of textiles is a term used to describe the deterioration of textile or other materials caused by gradual oxidation during storage and/or exposure to light. In addition wearing/washing textiles gradually tear at the fabric and dye colours, for example, denim jeans and indigo dye are naturally bleeding and therefore, add personality or “life” to the denim canvas. However, this will not happen only by washing the garment but a combination of wearing and washing.

Wearing and tearing

Wearing makes certain places on the textiles bleed more colour than on those not affected equally much by the stress of moving. Therefore, a dark jean or raw denim will always be the starting point for ageing the fabric. Ageing is also used throughout the development of certain dye colours such as aniline black. See also indigo dye and colour fastness (blue scale).

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