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8R´s waste hierarchy

8R´s is a term that describes the extended version of the 3R´s waste hierarchy, represents reduce – reuse -recycle. There is more to it! 8R´s is philosophically “do I need it in the first place” and adds the philosophical question on consumer behaviour. For example, represents the product or service a real market need or is constructed? 8R´s add´s re-think to the buying process of consumer goods. See also the model 3’R waste management (waste management model) in the Eco-fashion Encyclopedia

The 8 R’s

  1. Rethink (the main philosophical idea behind consumerism do I really need it?)
  2. Regift
  3. Recover
  4. Recycle
  5. Refuse
  6. Reduce
  7. Reuse
  8. Repair



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