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501 LOT number Levi’s jean

501 LOT number Levi’s jean. 1853 Levi Strauss arrives in San Francisco and opens a wholesale dry goods business, selling clothing, blankets, handkerchiefs, etc. to small general stores throughout the American West. 1871 Levi meet with tailor Jacob Davis, who invented a copper rivet to strengthen the corner of the pockets. A patent made. However, the LOT number was first assigned to the products being manufactured from c. 1890.

Details original 501 Jeans

  • Five-pocket classic western jeans
  • Selvage denim. Vintage models have selvedge since its originally LOT 501 was the premium model, there was a lower priced alternative with LOT number 201. Since the big fire San Fransisco 1906, Levi Strauss Warehouse and archives burned down. There is no information why the number of LOT 501 or 201 was given the original jean
  • Button-up fly, no zipper. Zip came first as an invention from Lee jeans
  • Arcurate back pocket formed as an Eagle after the American iconic Eagle. This is a Levi Strauss Co.trademark, no other jeans brand can copy the form
  • Red Tab, originally with Big E (LEVIS), this changed in 1971 when Levi Strauss decided to write Red Tab with small letters. The Red Tab placed on the left side of the right back pocket. This is a Levi Strauss Co.trademark, no other jeans brand can place any tab on right back pocket
  • Watch pocket. The small pocket on the right side was for watches originally. In the 1970s renamed by the hippies as dope pocket since small and easy placement for additional entertainment
  • Anti-fit jeans, a feature that adds more space made the upper front side of jeans give boys more comfortable fit
  • Shrink to fit. Originally the model came unwashed. Today called Raw denim
  • Leather patch placed on backside upper right side. Originally made of heavy leather, today most probably Tyvek paper used today. The leather patch is a trademark of Levi Strauss and shows two horses try dragging in each direction to tear apart a jean. Below slogan Quality never goes out of style
  • Rivets. Patent by Jacob Davis around 1905 when making a partnership with Levi Strauss. A very important invention that made jeans much stronger as it originally was workwear made for miners.
  • Cone Mills denim Manufacturer. The denim fabric made for Levi Strauss 501 jean model is called XX-denim. Extra-heavy denim and is made only for Levi Strauss and only for the 501 models. This is a gentleman’s contract, no written contract but hand-shake between Levi Strauss and factory owner of Cone Mills that still today makes the fabric only for 501. Therefore, the quality in 501 is better than any other model from Levi Strauss. The fibre structure of the cotton is longer than regular cotton and also more expensive.

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