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3D braided fabrics

3D braided fabrics is a term used to describe a braiding using multiple sets of interlaced yarns which are connected more extensively, the individual yarns extending through the thickness. Career paths defined over concentric circles or Cartesian arrays, which are square or rectangular.

The best—known examples of 3D braiding are the two and four-step processes

  • The first process uses a framework of yarn carriers in a rectangular or circular array.
  • The two-step process involves a large number of axial yarns arranged in the required preform geometry, with a smaller number of yarn carriers arranged around them. The carriers moved through the array of axial yarns in two alternate directions. The two-step processes allow featuring yarns that extend along many directions to produce unlimited forms. Nevertheless, seldom used since its rarely needed (rocket science, biomedical engineering). Most 3D braids generally feature axial yarns.

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