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Press release Buddha Jeans Company and Recycle Sound Covid updates February 2021

Buddha Jeans Company status Convid-19 2021 pressrelease

Press Release Buddha Jeans Company and Recycle Sound

The situation for the companies during the Convid-19 virus lockdown and economics February 2021

Many mails, SMS and telephone messages per day forced us to release the status on two businesses, the information people approaching us for business collaboration ship. We closed down the two companies two years ago to avoid bank debt. My experience with becoming a debt slave is taking away my freedom and creativity. Therefore, we do not have bank debt and operate, maintaining marketing and PR. However, we are developing new products within the Yoga Wear category in Goa, India. The Coronavirus situation gave us a golden opportunity for life changes.

Therefore, I am sorry for not answering back requests and business relationships in emails, messages and Linkedin business relations. We know the situation. Manufacturers of denim and fashion clothing are facing a difficult time economically. For example, India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries desperately need production and collaborations.

We are small and small is beautiful. Therefore, we did not want any more debt in our lives, w with pension and insurance our daily lives and give us time to rethink the purpose why are we working, what do we like to do and dislike? The answers are clear and fast.
My businesses Buddha Jeans Company and Recycle Sound, were on hold as soon as the mainstream and government-controlled media started producing mass propaganda regarding the Coronavirus two years ago. I am not blind as soon as the hysterically and misleading information worked on the main population.

Why simply because of our past experiences and the financial crises in 2008 that forced me to file Pro Rib Nordic bankruptcy before the debt was out of control. And I managed not, and five years to be debt-free is not to be taken easy. Therefore, no bank debts are private or any financial collaboration with the outer world. We are debt-free and enjoy life until governments and people come to their senses. We can do it forever. I write this to avoid spending my valuable time answering the thousands of requests one mail answered led to many more. It is like fighting a dragon. We only will support a link to the press release. We relocated to Arambol, Goa. We do not want to answer all requests. Understandable, we like to play and have fun with our families.

Our past bankruptcy of Pro Rib Boat Nordic 2009 an

The inventory at warehousing until the Convid-19 situations is under control. I did it more than two years ago when we first heard the news. I talked with my dad, a lot of experience and lawyer pensionary. I feel so lucky that I took the consequences.

no bank or private debts Recycle

  • Recycle Sound We specialize in the sale of used vinyl records, band and music collectables from private collectors
  • Website:
  • Inventory value only collectables
  • The inventory of collectables music records rarity increases in value. The inventory value of 5000 vinyl, CDs, tees and other collectables valuated € 127.500


  • I want to take a quiet position as a creative adviser in the future and am open to suggestions.
  • Website:
  • Subscribers: 5080
    The inventory of vintage clothing and collectables only. The value estimated for collectables, vintage and remade clothing
    The websites maintained for advertising and PR, Includes daily newspaper sustainable FASHION // Buddha Jeans.

(Not including remade tote bags, remaking accessories and remade wallets. Not included sustainable books, hand-printed Eco Tote bags)


  • Euro 127.5000
  • NOK 1.288.356
    IRN 10.881.663


  • EURO 183.790
  • NOK 1.857.756
  • IRN 15.687.433


After a traffic accident in 2009 when a car crashed into my motorbike, I lost everything. My generously mother and father house became my castle in the most difficult of all times. The maintenance of sites and working on a small yoga wear collection by Buddha Jeans.

Our philosophy in Buddha Jeans Company, asking questions such as

  • why should we act ethically?
  • Why should we save the environment?
  • What is spiritual design?

Our source of inspiration from the 1990s PhD Stuart Walker works
Thanks to PhD Stuart Walker at Lancaster inspired us in 1999 while working for Levi Strauss Co. New ways of manufacturing.
The Attraction of Opposites: Reconciling Fashion with Sustainable Product Design By Stuart Walker 1999
The Manifesto of meaning. A discussion of the Environmental, Social and Spiritual aspects of product design 1999
Other works and books:
Experiments in Sustainable Product Design by Stuart Walker 1998
Sustainable by Design: Explorations in Theory and Practice
The Spirit of Design: Objects, Environment, and Meaning
Stuart Walker is currently developing and co-editing the multi-authored Handbook for Sustainable Design for Berg, Oxford.
Stuart Walker by Kenneth Lyngaas | September 1st 2016, | ECO FASHION DICTIONARY

Buddha Jeans Company background materials
A view on sustainability and design thinking by Kenneth Lyngaas | May 7th, 2011, | Eco-Fashion, Sustainable Fashion

The sustainable jeans revolution started in 2000 for the jeans giant. Part one by Kenneth Lyngaas | June 6th, 2011, | Megatrends, Youth Culture Trends

The sustainable jeans revolution started in 2000 for the jeans giant.

Sources Mega Trends 2000 and ahead Levi Strauss Co:
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Caroline Parent Creative Director LSEMA

The Sustainable Jeans Revolution started at the end of the ’90s for the jeans giant. Part Two by Kenneth Lyngaas | May 4th, 2013, | Megatrends, Youth Culture Trends


Any future questioning regarding Buddha Jeans. Please contact:
Any future questioning regarding please contact:

Kenneth Lyngaas

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Kenneth Lyngaas Founder and creatives

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