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I did drink me under the table years

The post was first published in Norwegian for Facebook, however, many people asked me to translate it and republish it in English. Here is the English version added visuals. It is my story.

Alcohol abuse stop message

I understand now why many men are alone. Most, girls and women don’t want alcohol in their lives. I drank so much that in the last year 2009/10, in particular, nine times rehab and three hospital stays in one year. That is, I was in one place Montebello terrace. Storgata hated it, left it right away. However, Montebello is okay, but nine times makes the total of 90 days in rehabs, such as the Easter holidays, Norwegian national day 17th of May, my birthday and Christmas. I got more friends at Montebello than outside.

The hospital

During one hospital stay, I was sent to Louiseberg Hospital from Montebello with an ambulance, threw up red blood in bed and, the doctor thought I had holes in my oesophagus. Red wine has 0,48 per cent alcohol in the blood. As the ambulance arrived, they had a stretcher to get me in the ambulance, but the fuck I said, can go without a high tolerance. It was a very lonely life. I remember one summer I was sitting in the park at Sagene drinking, I remember summer sitting in the park at Sagene drinking the job, every day, seven days a week. One day my best friend from school came wondered when I finished work? He abandoned, but patient (is done now).

Does anyone not believe in a notorious liar? Why am I writing because I stopped drinking six months ago? Not that, I’m all alone, but I didn’t feel any more about it. I tried to drink, buy a beer. But after the half, the bottle emptied in the box. My emotional prison. For the first time in twenty years, I am free from the emotional prison that held the keys. Do not feel anxious anymore, always happy, not worried about the future or the past, take three tablets in the morning for inattentive ADHD. Otherwise, I lose the ability to concentrate and lose and forget things. It is only more Kenneth is possible, it seems. Had a lot of fun, love dancing, music, not drinking at dinner or a club. And, a friend, the DJ Geir, wrote me on his guest list this summer, after I went to Formentera for their club night at the concert venue called Blå. And a great time thanks to Maria, whom I met and felt safer. Thanks for the hospitality, experience and beer.

The transformation from a kind monster to gruel. I’ve seen myself in the mirror and the violent alcohol that causes too many. I need to get into the horrors and traumas of others. Now I see it more as a whole, the transformation that unfortunately sometimes becomes violent and dark. It occurs in Arambol sometimes, macho culture, bull terriers spoil a good evening, most for the girls who might want to sit in peace, and I prefer the slightly deeper and calmer conversation about everything but, you know what I mean.

A guest asked if I could help him find the keys at 2:00 in the night to his room.

The guest who was welding blind with alcohol and full of drugs asked, I were with my Mac downstairs, I did not have Internet access. I light up with my cell phone on the roof where keys were lost, on the second floor, the total darkness, I lit up the lights. Then he started, you light up in the wrong place, keep the fucking lantern still? Continued; fuck can’t you hold the light straight and keep the quiet lantern. I turned around and walked across the hall to my place, then he continued the yelling and screaming fuck your pussy, and other niceties, I walked, turned off all the lights, put my chair against the door and was completely silent, I heard he kicked all the doors, my neighbours, not mine.

Shouting cocksuckers, pussy and kicking indoors in the middle of the night is charming; take them all, kill fucking cocksuckers, and other expressions in English and German. He did not stop before five in the morning, my appointment doctor at 9:00 one hour in a taxi so I couldn’t go to bed. Does anyone realize how intimidating it is nothing compared to girls I know were previosly exposed? That’s why I think alcohol is shit, drugs too if you can’t behave. I hate not intoxication, but the behaviour of some people never know for sure when it will come, the transformation from a kind monster to cruel.

Thank you to those who know me a little better
I feel deep gratitude for being free thought that wouldn’t happen, for first time in years that I’m happy and happy, sleeping as soon as I go to bed, last time I thought I’d rest a little on the bed I left the door wide open, with the lights on. Slept and woke up at 5:00 in the morning suddenly the darkness of the night, lights inside, the doors still open right into the jungle, stupidity but delicious anyway.

Thanks to the people who know how much I did wrong It’s over now, two extra matches and penalties in the end, but the fuck I won! By Kenneth L at Buddha Jeans Company Linkedin profile

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